About Us

Our mission is to create comfortable, versatile dresses that allow the modern woman to work and play with the option of not always having to carry a handbag.

Our discreetly placed zippered pockets keep essentials close and safe, such as: credit cards, cash, makeup, medications, keys, cell phone... or anything she desires to Stash as the world revolves around her.

Even with her fave bag in tow, she can wear a Stash dress with the confidence in knowing that what she really needs is always accessible... whether during the chaos of the workday, or on the dance floor at 2 a.m.

Showcasing exceptional quality and craftsmanship, our magical and liberating Stash dresses are made for the hard-working, life-loving girl... feeling hands-free and fabulous!

Our collection of dresses offer:

  • Discreetly hidden pockets to stash your essentials some lined w/ EMF blocking material for added safety
  • Supreme comfort in: Breathable, wrinkle-resistant rayon from bamboo fabric
  • Fiercely feminine style
  • Made-in-the-USA Pride, yes right in NYC baby!
  • Created by women for women

The beginnings of Stash: A note from Sally...

Several years ago, preparing to go to to a concert in Camden NJ I had a revelation. I was staying in a hotel across the river in Philly, we had great seats (second row center). I had things I needed to bring with me: hotel key card, ID, cash, CC and some other things that are necessary for a 3 hour jam ;) . Hhhhm, where to put all this? It was hot out (sorry, not wearing jeans, and I had to represent: look fab and dance!) I was not about to wear cargo pants and bringing a purse that I had to keep track of and not get soaked in beer was not an option. I needed a dress, a fabulous, comfortable, breathable, frock that had pockets! Not big bins in the front, but discreet, zippered hideaways to STASH my stuff! There it was I needed a “stash” dress.

Fast Forward to 2 years ago. Zan, my sister who is an awesome designer and has been keeping the pulse on the fashion world forever decides its time to put her talent to work. There are A LOT of dress lines out there, everyone and their everyone seems to have either a clothes line or a cook book. There has to be something that sets a new line of anything apart from all the rest. VOILA! our ideas collided and she designed the virgin run of STASH DRESSES! Horray, us ladies and trannies are now liberated from the life of a pack mule! Comfort, style and freedom, words and a life to live by. Wear a Stash dress, you’ll know what I mean.